About C12

At C12, we’re all about leading thriving profitable Christian companies. This unashamed practical focus is combined with our commitment to a Biblical perspective coupled with like-minded peer counsel and accountability.

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Building Businesses for a Greater Purpose

A Trusted Peer Board

Benefit from the wisdom and insight of your trusted C12 “peer board” as they help keep you focused and accountable to the principles, core values, and practices that guide your life.

  • Accountability and Encouragement to Live an Integrated Life: C12 members engage each other in lively conversation about issues that matter.
  • Learning from Your Peers: None of us have the exact same life experiences. God has given each of us a specific set of gifts, circumstances and opportunities.
  • The Core Business Presentation: Designed to “go deep” into the key drivers of your business as you open your financial and personal challenges to the group.

Focused Business Curriculum

Monthly, C12 members discuss best-practice business topics through a Bible-centered lens. This hard-hitting, real-world content is integral to the C12 lifelong learning experience.

  • A Devotional – focus on a particular passage with group discussion, followed by prayer requests and corporate prayer
  • Working on My Business – in-depth consideration of specific best practice concepts; discussion throughout
  • Working on My Ministry in God’s Business – challenging thoughts and practical strategies for implementing Christian values in the workplace

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

In addition to the monthly group meetings, each member meets One-on-One with their C12 Area Chair for a coaching session to sharpen life and business practices.

  • Integration and Understanding: ensuring that concepts are digested well enough to be applied in your setting (identity, clarify, prioritize)
  • Follow-through Accountability: encouraging you to focus on implementation (monthly To-Do list, operational/strategic plans, Key Metrics)
  • Intimacy and Encouragement: coming alongside you to better facilitate spiritual growth, life balance, courageous leadership and healthy group interaction.